Our rental prices could not be more simple. Until 31st December 2019 prices are fixed and the same everyday. With the advantage to guests of a great exchange rate - London offers excellent value for your dollar or Euro and gives you the chance to eat, shop, travel and go to the theatre like never before.  Another year without a rental fee increase. Single or double occupancy is £730 GBP per week or £115 for any odd nights. MINIMUM stay is 5 nights. An extra guest is £25 p.n.

Please ASK for full details and a booking form - that we can email to you. A £100 refundable deposit secures the booking and is returned after your stay. Parking is available currently at £4.60 per day - we organise this for you  by phone. Balance of rental is due 1 month before arrival - payment by UK cheque or Bank transfer ONLY. Full details sent with confirmation on how to find us and airport transfer options.

Crossrail to start Autumn 2019