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About Us
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We get emails from all around the world - saying they have seen Colin on TV. We are happy to share our interests and suggest good antiquing places and fairs to go it.

We can also accompany you to a live auction that takes place each week. See the film crews and presenters in action. Get a feel for the atmosphere and come away without spending a bean or not!!!
Portobello, Camden Passge,
Horticultural Halls, Ally Pally,
are all within reach.
One apartment is in the family home - home to my wife's family for nearly seventy years. We have restored
most of the house and have kept as many of the Victorian features as possible. We now live permanently on the premises after returning to London from the South Coast. After 30+ years by the sea, we miss lots of things but can run the business more easily by being on hand. Years of commuting on the M25 were just too much.

We are both retired teachers but have put that long behind us. We love to travel, antique buy and sell and
have been doing the latter for nearly 35 years. So we have some degree of expertise in our chosen
fields. We currently have partners in Chicago and ship furniture and other items each year for resale in the
States. We have a number of antique dealer friends who travel from Japan, Australia or the US to stay with us whilst they hit the London markets, shows or auctions. Alternatively they hire a car or van and travel off
each day, returning each evening clutching their treasures.

We both love to read, take in live theatre, musicals, concerts or as many of the Art exhibits, Museums and
Galleries that we can fit in besides our day to day commitments. Family tree research also keeps us very busy.

You can be sure of a very warm welcome and after 20+ years in the business, we know what is
important to each group of guests. We are on hand to solve probelms and make suggestions
if you need us and if time permits we may see you in the garden or join you for a drink.

It is very important that we communicate efficiently with you and that you provide feedback on any additional
features or facilities that you would find useful.
About Us
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