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Clarendon House Apartments
Holiday Inn Brentford by the canal system -less
than 2 miles away.
Ramada Jarvis on Ealing Common. Quite expensive
but a great central location.
Another location in Kew just a 65 bus away
Locations in Kew and Western Avenue.
Other hotels include the and Alternative apartments can be found at or We can recommend some local B & B's at or
We trust that these suggestions are helpful.
VisitBritain Four Star Rated
Fullers Hotels - 73 bedroom complex, great value for money. Close to Hangar Lane Tube
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You will find all the major
hotels around the airport,
along the Bath Road. Some of
them can be a little noisy and
they do not have a lot
happening around them.

New hotels are being built in the
area at GWQ in Brentford and
in the fabulous Gillette Building
in Osterley.
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