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Before you buy, learn about the many varieties, properties, and powder coating powder suppliers

Powder coating isn’t just for hot-robbing autos. It’s a high-performance coating that protects substrates from corrosion, chemicals, weather, and physical damage while also giving a slick, dripping, and sagging-free appearance. Powder coating is also a cost-effective and environmentally friendly coating choice because it produces little to no waste, emits virtually no VOCs, and powder coating powder overspray may be recovered and recycled. Powder coating powders’ protective and beautiful properties can be found everywhere, from the roof of Wimbledon Centre Court to office furniture and playground equipment.

Are you looking to acquire powder coating powders in bulk for a large-scale, industrial, or commercial project? In this post, we’ll look at the many types of powder coating powders and provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed purchase. We also look at where to acquire powder coating powder in Dublin, as well as the brands and companies that sell it.


This small batch powder coatings collection contains a wide choice of RAL, British Standard, and Pantone colors in a variety of gloss levels. If the specification you require is not available for purchase, please contact our customer service team, who will work to have it added to the

How do the effects and finishes of powder coating powder affect the price?

Most powder coating material vendors will offer a selection of “standard” colors, as well as the option of selecting a custom RAL color. These choices will be reflected in their powder coat color guide and sample panels. Instead of judging color on a screen, sample panels allow you to do so in person. Powder coat colors can also be customized to meet your exact requirements, albeit not all companies offer this service. Interpon Powder Coatings, a subsidiary of AkzoNobel, is one firm that offers unique colors. The color options will begin with the most basic solid color possibilities and progress to more intriguing (and more expensive) ones.

Powder coating offers a variety of distinctive effect finishes not seen in liquid paint. Among the unique powders are:

  • Gloss – Powder coating finishes range from flat/matte (no sheen) to full gloss (which is the shiniest). Satin and semigloss or medium gloss are in the middle.
  • Metallics – A metallic sheen or sparkle effect produced by metallic pigments such as aluminum flake or mica, ranging from shimmer to glitter. They are available in both bonded and unbonded versions (which describes how the metal is incorporated). The unbonded finish is less expensive but less uniform.
  • Translucent coatings, which impart color while letting the metal substrate to shine through, and dormant powders are examples of color effects. Dormants use a two-step procedure with a metallic base coat and a clear top coat to create a dazzling candy finish. These are commonly found on bicycles.
  • Sand (like sandpaper), hammer (like a hammered metal surface), wrinkle (often used on goods like gym machines – rough yet smooth, with depth), and river vein are examples of textures (an almost wet look finish with a dimpled and crinkled effect).

The average powder coating powder price is £15-20 per kilogram, but this varies depending on brand and specialization. Interpon 100 epoxy powder in basic white, for example, costs £475.00 per 25kg package from AkzoNobel, or £19 per kilogram. When shopping for powder coating powder, it’s easy to see that the more severe the impact, the more crazy the color or texture, the more expensive it is. Visit our costs overview to see how the pricing of powder coating powders transfer to the final product.

Metallics are more expensive in general due to the additional procedures required to create them, and the distinctive textures necessitate extra thick film construction or specialised application techniques, both of which add to the cost. The more specialized the powder, the more expensive it is. Powders are typically sold by the kilogram or pound, with the cost-per-kilo falling as the amount grows.

Choose the best powder coating resin and properties for your project

Powder coating powder comes in a variety of resin types, from acrylic to polyurethane, just like liquid paint. Another crucial aspect to comprehend is the powder’s curing process. Powder coatings can be classified into two types: thermoset and thermoplastic powder coating. The molecules in a thermoset resin produce crosslinks when they cure. The chemical makeup of the coating is permanently altered as a result of this. To begin with, thermoplastic powder coating resins have longer chain molecules and do not create crosslinks. As a result, if subjected to high enough temperatures, they can be remelted.

Thermoplastic powders are more flexible than thermosetting powders, which are heat stable. They are both applied using standard powder coating procedures. The latter is the case with the majority of powder coating powders. The main resin kinds and their applications are listed below. It is critical to select coating products based on the substrate, environment, and intended usage. Epoxy powder, for example, is not UV stable without additional stabilizing ingredients, hence it is not advised for external use. The main resin types and some of their applications are listed below.

Dublin’s leading powder coating powder suppliers

If you need powder coating powder for your business or have a company that needs powder coating powder for a specific powder, there are several large companies in Dublin that can help. AkzoNobel, PPG, Valspar, Teknos, and Axalta are just a few of the top powder coating powder providers. A table highlighting a handful of the brands available on the Dublin market can be found below. Take a look at our dedicated post on powder producers in Dublin for more details.

We are frequently asked, “Where can I locate powder coating paint suppliers near me?” Some of the companies in Dublin are listed below. We’re here to assist you if you’re searching to acquire powder coating powder. We’ll put you in touch with one of our coating partners to find the right coating for your project. The quotation service is completely free, and our professionals will assist you in selecting the appropriate coating. Simply click the “Request a Quote” button below and fill out the contact form so we can connect you with the best powder coating powder suppliers in Dublin.